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0.5mm Abrasive Cutting Wheel

0.5mm Abrasive Cutting Wheel

  • 0.5mm Abrasive Cutting Wheel
  • 0.5mm Abrasive Cutting Wheel
  • 0.5mm Abrasive Cutting Wheel
  • 0.5mm Abrasive Cutting Wheel
  • 0.5mm Abrasive Cutting Wheel
  • 0.5mm Abrasive Cutting Wheel
0.5mm Abrasive Cutting Wheel
Herkunftsort: Shanghai
Markenname: SIGNI
Zertifizierung: ISO
Modellnummer: Mit einer GASCHROMATOGRAPHIE
Zahlung und Versand AGB:
Min Bestellmenge: 50pcs
Preis: 1.0
Verpackung Informationen: Karton
Lieferzeit: 5 Tage
Zahlungsbedingungen: T/T, L/C, PAYPAL, WESTverband, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 100000
Ausführliche Produkt-Beschreibung
Od: 180 Stärke: 0,5
Identifikation: 25,4 Verpackung: Holzetui
Farbe: Gemäß der Kundenanforderung Vorbereitungs- und Anlaufzeit: 3 Tage
MOQ: 100pcs Marke: SIGNI

50pcs Abrasive Cutting Wheel


0.5mm Abrasive Cutting Wheel


60M/S cutting and grinding discs

Abrasive Ultra Thin Cut Off Wheel Cutting tool Cutting Disc For Cutting Medical stainless steel Needles

Cutting wheel for hypodermic needle,Reduces the loss of material being cut, It is used for cutting various metals like hypodermic medical needle, HSS, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Aluminum, Tungsten, Magnetic Steel, Cast Iron etc.

180x0.5x25.4,180x0.7x25.4,150x0.5x25.4,150x0.4x 25.4
Any sizes and thickness could be ordered


These products are used for cutting of hypodermic needles, watch parts, exhaust convertor tubing and other stainless steel or some nonferrous material, the finished parts are precise and free of burrs.

We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of medical needle grinding wheels and needle cutting wheels for more than ten years.

We export our needle gringing and cutting wheels to America, Europe and Korea market, most regular orders from clients are grinding wheels GC1200 J1 OD=405xL=125xID=127 and cutting wheels 180X0.5X25.4 every month,usually our products are used to replace Noritake brand.


Cutting performance of our wheel


Cutting performance of Noritake
Our cutting wheels:



Size(mm) 22x0.25x1.8 25x0.5x1.8 30x0.5x1.8 38x0.65x1.8 50x0.3-1.0x8 100x0.3-0.8x16
Pcs/box 100 100 100 100 100 100
Size(mm) 150x0.5x25.4 150x0.5x31.75 180x0.6-1.0x31.75 205x0.8-1.2x25.4 205x0.8-1.2x31.75 255x1.2-2x21.75
Pcs/box 50 50 50 50 50 50

We also produce needle grinding wheel, normal size 405X125X127mm, 405X100X127mm.

Signi Abrasive & Diamond Tools Co Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is engaged in the R & D, production and sales for abrasive and diamond products. Our annual output tons, nearly 100 million yuan in sales of all kinds of ordinary abrasives.

After 20 years of effort, the company has gone through from scratch, from small to large development process, we adhere to the safe and efficient exploration and innovation, quality oriented, customer satisfaction "as quality policy, to" realize value for our customers. " The business philosophy of "exploration, innovation, harmony, aggressive" as the spirit of enterprise, "law-abiding, civilized integrity, dedication" behavior guidelines for employees. Under the guidance of the corporate core values, the scale of operation of the company's manufacturing technology, equipment standards, the level of management (implementation of ERP systems management) are to continue to improve, the company firmly occupy the industry high ground, cutting and grinding products industry resin leader.

The company's existing equipment more than 100 sets, with the longest and most modern tunnel kiln production line, the main production and sales of fiber-reinforced resin grinding wheel. The company's production of fiber reinforced resin cutting wheels, ultra-thin piece wheel and cymbals shape grinding wheel can bend wheel, and other products, covering over 1000 varieties of the four series, sold more than 40 countries and regions. Company's products in 1998 by the German MPA quality and safety certification in pass through the ISO9002: 1994 quality assurance certification in 2003 by the Swiss the CSTC company (SGS) ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification in 2003, in 2009 we pass the ISO9001: 2008 version certification ,in 2011 recognized as AAAA-level standard of good conduct enterprise.

In order to meet the future development of the company, the company will further increase investment in technology research and development, the introduction of advanced production equipment, improve product testing means to go the route of modern high-end products, has introduced new products for market demand, with outstanding quality and excellence services, build corporate brands, to develop a broader market space for the future development of the enterprise.






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